Founders Message

Greetings to you, and thank you for coming on site here to learn about Queenpads. I am honoured to lead a great team of
passionate individuals who are the driving force of our organization’s impact and growth.

From a personal silent need, searching for solutions to now a fully operational organization
that is meeting silent needs of thousands of menstruating individuals in Papua New Guinea through our main product
Queenpads, other ecofriendly hygiene products, and advocacy & awareness programs.

I wish to thank our key delivery partner Sir Brian Bell Foundation, retail and distribution partner CPL Foundation,
other partners, collaborators, groups, and individuals who supports our cause to address the challenges faced by
menstruating individuals.

We are building a strong passionate and dedicated team while driving core values and ensuring a safe environment to
normalize menstrual conversations, forge strong partnerships and programs with a focus to create long term social
and green impact in the Country.

Impact and change is a result of good partnerships and a happy healthy team.

Feel free to join our programs, and together lets continue to ensure all menstruating individuals needs are

Anne-Shirley Korave