Menstrual health educator

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Menstruation is one phase of the menstrual cycle that all
women experience in their lifetime. It is a natural process that
starts when a girl reaches puberty – it’s the discharge of blood
and tissues from the lining of her uterus through the vagina
every month until menopause, except during pregnancy.
It typically takes up to 3-7 days with 50-150ml of blood
released during that phase.
Puberty is when a girl’s body begins to change, develop breasts
and starts her period. This is usually between 8-14 years’ old.
Menopause is when a woman’s menstrual cycle ends
permanently and she is no longer reproductive. As your body
transitions to menopause over several years, you may have
menopause symptoms and irregular periods. This usually
starts in the mid 40’s or early 50’s.

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Here are some secret codes used to describe Menstruation:

• Special Days
• Crossing the red sea
• I’m on the red bus
• Red people
• Angels have fallen
• On strike
• Monthly visitor
• It’s raining downstairs
• Alien Visits

• Ol lain lo ples kam
(people from the
village are here)
• Ol lain lo mun (people
from the moon)
• My days are here
• The painters are in
• Code Red