It is with great pleasure and excitement that the Sir Brian Bell Foundation has become a Key Delivery Partner for QueenPads.

This organisation has been built on a dire need for a solution that affects thousands of Papua New Guinea women and girls every single day. The majority of PNG faces hardship every day, with income being the primary focus of creating these challenges. It’s a daily battle to balance what is best for the family and making sacrifices that is often the burden of the women in the family environment. QueenPads was established to provide a cost-effective and reusable solution for menstrual products.

“While the daily habits go on around everyone each day, women in 3rd world countries like PNG face the challenge of dealing with how to manage good menstrual hygiene. In first world countries, this is not as big of an issue. You purchase the required menstrual products, and you go about your work or school day. Our PNG women and girls do not have this luxury, as the quality menstrual products are often outside the weekly budget,” commented Sir Brian Bell Foundation, CEO, Ms Bronwyn Wright. “It is not acceptable that our women and girls face this challenge every day. Every woman deserves this basic essentials of quality and affordable menstrual products so they can continue to go to work and to go to school. Our new partnership with QueenPads will see funding used to further develop their new quality products that are reusable and will be available across PNG.”

“It is estimated that more than 30% of female students regularly miss school due to lack of access to sanitation pads in Papua New Guinea. Further, is it estimated that 20% of women in the workforce do not attend work on a monthly basis due to lack of access to sanitation pads. This is not only impacting our women, but it is placing extra strain on PNG businesses and the economy.” “We have an obligation to support the basic development of products like this. The Sir Brian Bell Foundation is proud to be supporting an organisation that is going to change thousands of lives every day with the distribution of these products.”

While QueenPads main activity is the production of reusable menstrual products for ladies to use during their special days, also, as part of their community engagement, QueenPads conduct awareness sessions on Menstrual Health and promoting good Menstrual Hygiene Management practices in schools, communities and organisations. The QueenPads products are also washable, made from mostly cotton and polyester fabrics with leakage proof layers and can last up to 5 years, making them a cost-effective solution that is environmentally and women-friendly too.

Through this amazing partnership with the Sir Brian Bell Foundation, Brian Bell Group female team members are now benefiting from these informative health awareness sessions and have also become proud recipients of the reusable menstrual pads with the goal of seeing all BBG team members and their families have access to these products for free supplied by SBBF as well as provided access to free awareness sessions on menstrual health and hygiene. This program is being rolled out through-out all Brian Bell Group locations while the team at QueenPads are also proving these products and awareness sessions to other community organisations and individuals across the country.

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